Value Proposition Questionnaire

  • About Your Customer

    For more info see this overview.
  • What kind of problems are they trying to solve? What are the needs they are trying to satisfy? These tasks could be simple or complex (i.e. picking up the dry cleaning, reconciling bank statements, or creating a complex 3D model).
  • What makes it difficult for them to accomplish those tasks? Examples include; high costs, takes too much time, the tools don't work or don't exist, etc.
  • What are the positive outcomes and benefits the customer require, expects, desires, or would be surprised by. They can include cost savings, time savings, and positive emotions.
  • About Your Service

  • Describe the products and services you're offering that address the tasks your customers are trying to accomplish.
  • Describe the specific features and benefits your services provide that address the specific pains your customers have when trying accomplish their goals.
  • Which customer gains are your products and services that directly address the gains your customers are seeking by accomplishing their tasks.