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The Difference Between UI and UX

We’re talking about this again? Okay. It’s simple. UI–or User Interface–is like the steering wheel and dashboard in a car. It’s the stuff you use to interact with and control a system. Turn the wheel and the car turns. Move a handle and the blinker comes on. Twist a knob and the air conditioning comes…

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Keep eCommerce Findability in Mind

Replacing Shoes, Replacing Shopping Habits The story starts with a pair of Sam & Libby sandals I honestly didn’t think I would like from Target. I was hesitant to join the metallic shoe trend, but these were a tactful mix of multiple metallics (how could I choose just one of silver, gold and copper) and…

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Mobile Navigation Starts with the User

mobile navigation user on the go

On Mobile Devices, finding your way on apps or websites of any significant size can be frustrating. You’re faced with one of three options: limited navigation items that fit on the side or top, truncated to save room with a link to “view full site”; navigation options buried under difficult to click sub-menus (if you…

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Good UX Wouldn’t Be So Hard to Find

you must look closely to find good ux examples

As a UI designer, it is pretty easy to find yourself encountering bad UX design examples. Last February I had to file my taxes, not an easy task given my status as a non-resident. I filled out the standard tax form and received money back from the government, only to realize later after a little…

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Don’t Be Interface Incompetent

interface incompetent designs frustrate users

We’ve all experienced it. You open a website or an app for the first time and immediately feel confused about where to start. Not a great sign. After some searching, you find the option to “create a new account” at the top corner in tiny print, and you attempt to follow the registration form, filling…

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