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The Business Value of Design

Look at the last 5 years. The black line is the S&P 500. The colored lines are companies who use human-centered design and design thinking as a core product strategy. Great design process drives real results. The trick is aligning the business goals with the goals of the customer. An unavoidable fact of the digital…

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Spotify Wants all Your Ears

It’s no secret that Spotify is pushing hard to get as many monthly subscribers as possible. It’s all about the MRR. Last week they announced the acquisition of Gimlet (producers of severalgreatpodcasts you should try) and Anchor. All in, Spotify plans to spend an estimated $500MM on acquisitions over the next year or so. But why?  “We are…

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Ford Bets Big on Design Thinking

Why did Ford hire a furniture maker as CEO instead of someone with more automotive experience? The short story is because Jim Hackett understands the importance of designing products for the people who will use them. “the question hovering over the car industry is basically whether high-tech entrants such as Tesla and Google can learn…

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4 Steps to a Human-Centered Business Model

Understanding what people want and designing things that satisfy them is the most powerful way to achieve business goals. Whether you’re selling products or services, you might find that traditional marketing isn’t working as well as you’d hoped. No matter how good your product or service is, you might have trouble grabbing and keeping the…

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How to Conduct a Brand Check-In

Developing your brand isn’t just a one-and-done deal. A business brand is like a living, breathing entity that requires ongoing care and maintenance. Just as you make adjustments and refinements in your life when things aren’t working, the same goes for a business brand. Thankfully, conducting a brand check-in doesn’t need to be time-consuming and…

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Obsess Over Your Customers, Not Your Competition

customers and users

TL;DR – Your customers will be able to tell you more than your competitors ever will. Obsess over your customers – past, current and future – not your competition, and the results will speak for themselves. —  I spend a lot of time talking to clients. Most of that time is spent discussing strategy and…

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Keep eCommerce Findability in Mind

Replacing Shoes, Replacing Shopping Habits The story starts with a pair of Sam & Libby sandals I honestly didn’t think I would like from Target. I was hesitant to join the metallic shoe trend, but these were a tactful mix of multiple metallics (how could I choose just one of silver, gold and copper) and…

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Shop Talk: 6 Digital Strategy Tools We Love

digital strategy tools arranged on a desk

In 2016, your business cannot be successful without a strong digital strategy. But as we all know, the hard part is the execution, not the strategy. When you boil it down, your digital strategy is only as strong as the tools you use to execute it. Having spent a significant amount of time investigating and…

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Impact: The Power of Purpose

You don’t have to be a philanthropist to do work that matters. Do you ever wonder whether your work matters? I do. I work in marketing – digital marketing to be more specific – and at times I’m confronted with the question of whether my work is impactful, and whether it matters. As someone who…

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Radio Waves

J Cornelius and Eric Holtzclaw on the radio waves

It’s always a treat when one of our own graces the radio waves! This week, Nine Labs founder and president, J Cornelius, had the pleasure of sitting down with Eric Holtzclaw of the Eric Holtzclaw Show (11a-12p, weekdays). Eric is a “serial entrepreneur” with 20+ years experience, and he’s passionate about helping other self-starters along…

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