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How to Conduct a Brand Check-In

Developing your brand isn’t just a one-and-done deal. A business brand is like a living, breathing entity that requires ongoing care and maintenance. Just as you make adjustments and refinements in your life when things aren’t working, the same goes for a business brand. Thankfully, conducting a brand check-in doesn’t need to be time-consuming and…

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Your Cyclical SDLC is a Downward Spiral

At some point in my life, software stopped being an app on a CD-ROM that you bought in a cereal-sized box, and started being a web-based thing pulled up in an internet browser. At subsequent points in my life, I worked on software products – from conception to delivery – with a trusty old Software…

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ROWE Your Boat

A fleet of ROWE boats where everyone contributes to the Results Oriented Work Enviornment

Most of us have worked in several environments over the course of our professional tenures. Every office is different, with individual subcultures, expectations, “vibes” and jargon. And with those differences come preferences. And with those preferences come challenges. I’m sure you have a running mental list of things you’ve loved and not-so-much loved about your…

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Why We’ve Gone Gadget Free at Meetings

Yeah, you read that right: our digital agency has gone gadget free at meetings. Take a deep breath, all ye techies, this is the best decision we’ve made since coffee, and I’ll tell you why. Let’s start with some brain science. Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock – no judgment to rock dwellers…

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48in48: A weekend working for a great cause

All the 48in48 volunteers at General Assembly

Everybody’s Working for the Weekend On October 21, a swarm of eager designers descended on General Assembly, Atlanta. Volunteers from design and development shops of all shapes and sizes had signed up to donate their weekends, and it couldn’t have been for a better cause. 48in48 was founded two years ago with the deadline-direct mission…

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Discovery Project Protocol

J Cornelius on Ctrl+Click Podcast Discovery Project Only

TL;DR – A paid discovery project must provide the basis for decisions down the line – taking the time to establish competitive, market, and consumer insights will show you the way forward. Audio and transcript here. J was recently interviewed on a hyper-focused episode of the Ctrl+Click podcast, concentrating on Discovery Projects. Hosted by the…

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Shop Talk: 6 Digital Strategy Tools We Love

digital strategy tools arranged on a desk

In 2016, your business cannot be successful without a strong digital strategy. But as we all know, the hard part is the execution, not the strategy. When you boil it down, your digital strategy is only as strong as the tools you use to execute it. Having spent a significant amount of time investigating and…

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Framing Your Design Challenges

to solve a design challenge ask more questions

There you are, in a meeting with your design team and someone asks “How are we going to do that?!” This is a design challenge, and it happens all the time. All-too-often what happens next is a haphazard discussion about quick fixes and hair-brained solutions. There’s a better way to tackle obstacles when they come up…

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Product Roadmaps That Lead to Success

Sample product roadmaps from ProductPlan

Ahhh, product roadmaps. If you’re a digital designer, chances are great that you’ve labored over one before. Love them or hate them, most organizations revolve around these sometimes-confusing pages. Product roadmaps detail the features a design team plans to implement over upcoming releases. Marketing departments depend on them for bits of insider info to use…

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Make Cheap Mistakes

One of the most common conversations we have with prospective clients is about risk. Lots of people come to us with ideas they want to build into companies or products. Some of them are really good ideas. All of them have risk. What most people don’t realize is while they have a very clear vision…

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