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48in48: A weekend working for a great cause

All the 48in48 volunteers at General Assembly

Everybody’s Working for the Weekend On October 21, a swarm of eager designers descended on General Assembly, Atlanta. Volunteers from design and development shops of all shapes and sizes had signed up to donate their weekends, and it couldn’t have been for a better cause. 48in48 was founded two years ago with the deadline-direct mission…

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Obsess Over Your Customers, Not Your Competition

customers and users

TL;DR – Your customers will be able to tell you more than your competitors ever will. Obsess over your customers – past, current and future – not your competition, and the results will speak for themselves. —  I spend a lot of time talking to clients. Most of that time is spent discussing strategy and…

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You Can’t Buy Authenticity

true authenticity from candace payne in her chewbacca mask

It slid right by the first time. Just another silly video someone posted on Facebook. Then it popped up again, and again, and again. Each time being posted by people closer and closer to my inner circle. And then I watched it. See that view count? Over 100 million views of Candace Payne, an everyday…

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Marketing Outside of the Box

PepsiCo executive Brad Jakeman speaking at the Association of National Advertising’s annual “Masters of Marketing” conference

PepsiCo executive Brad Jakeman recently spoke at the Association of National Advertising’s annual “Masters of Marketing” conference in Orlando, FL, and he didn’t pull any punches when it came time for him to address to crowd. He did very little, if any, promotion of the PepsiCo brand; in fact, other than holding a blue can…

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We Don’t Do That

In case you missed it, a lot has been happening over here at Nine Labs since Brad and I merged last year. We’ve added some really smart people to the team, and helped lots of great clients improve their businesses. That’s part of why I’m posting this. Seems a lot of people have the idea…

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