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Design Driven

Design Driven Hump Day Exchange Podcast Episode 2

J sat down last week for a chat with Sandbox ATL’s Scott Henderson on the Hump Day Exchange Podcast. After an intro that mentions his holy trinity (whisky, cigars, and the Big Green Egg) the first 15 minutes are J’s time in the hot seat. The other panelists on this episode, fittingly themed Design Driven, are Amanda Rhein…

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Framing Your Design Challenges

to solve a design challenge ask more questions

There you are, in a meeting with your design team and someone asks “How are we going to do that?!” This is a design challenge, and it happens all the time. All-too-often what happens next is a haphazard discussion about quick fixes and hair-brained solutions. There’s a better way to tackle obstacles when they come up…

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Make Cheap Mistakes

One of the most common conversations we have with prospective clients is about risk. Lots of people come to us with ideas they want to build into companies or products. Some of them are really good ideas. All of them have risk. What most people don’t realize is while they have a very clear vision…

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