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ROWE Your Boat

A fleet of ROWE boats where everyone contributes to the Results Oriented Work Enviornment

Most of us have worked in several environments over the course of our professional tenures. Every office is different, with individual subcultures, expectations, “vibes” and jargon. And with those differences come preferences. And with those preferences come challenges. I’m sure you have a running mental list of things you’ve loved and not-so-much loved about your…

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Why We’ve Gone Gadget Free at Meetings

Yeah, you read that right: our digital agency has gone gadget free at meetings. Take a deep breath, all ye techies, this is the best decision we’ve made since coffee, and I’ll tell you why. Let’s start with some brain science. Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock – no judgment to rock dwellers…

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Designing for Good

designing for good with inspiration from classic films

Inspiration from Sullivan’s Travels Years ago, my dad challenged himself to watch every great American film. Though my sister and I were but wee girls, we eagerly joined. We tried to stay awake for “Citizen Kane,” laughed through “Some like it Hot,” and relentlessly made fun of “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Nice shorts, dork. Have…

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Diving Into Nine Labs

Design Olympians Swim Lanes

Where The Water Is Fine and Designers Are Olympians When you are a kid, you have to tell everyone what you want to be when you grow up. I always answered with Olympic swimmer. I knew that I could “be anything I wanted” when I grew up since that is what Sesame Street taught (but…

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A Word From Our Newbs: The Devin Lee Edition

A nine labs taco truck inspired by the film chef

“J and I have always said that we have the right people. We’re problem solvers. If we decided tomorrow to turn Nine Labs into a traveling taco truck, we have the people who can figure out how to make that happen.” Brad nonchalantly dropped that little earworm as I closed out my second day at…

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A Word From Our Newbs: The Annabel Doyle Edition

As of May 2016, I have been working for one of the coolest companies in Atlanta: Nine Labs.  (They didn’t pay me to say that. I mean, not a lot.) It hasn’t even been two weeks and I’ve already learned more about web design than I did in a year at design school. The amount…

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