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48in48: A weekend working for a great cause

All the 48in48 volunteers at General Assembly

Everybody’s Working for the Weekend On October 21, a swarm of eager designers descended on General Assembly, Atlanta. Volunteers from design and development shops of all shapes and sizes had signed up to donate their weekends, and it couldn’t have been for a better cause. 48in48 was founded two years ago with the deadline-direct mission…

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Obsess Over Your Customers, Not Your Competition

customers and users

TL;DR – Your customers will be able to tell you more than your competitors ever will. Obsess over your customers – past, current and future – not your competition, and the results will speak for themselves. —  I spend a lot of time talking to clients. Most of that time is spent discussing strategy and…

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Discovery Project Protocol

J Cornelius on Ctrl+Click Podcast Discovery Project Only

TL;DR – A paid discovery project must provide the basis for decisions down the line – taking the time to establish competitive, market, and consumer insights will show you the way forward. Audio and transcript here. J was recently interviewed on a hyper-focused episode of the Ctrl+Click podcast, concentrating on Discovery Projects. Hosted by the…

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Mobile Navigation Starts with the User

mobile navigation user on the go

On Mobile Devices, finding your way on apps or websites of any significant size can be frustrating. You’re faced with one of three options: limited navigation items that fit on the side or top, truncated to save room with a link to “view full site”; navigation options buried under difficult to click sub-menus (if you…

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Joining Forces with The Combine

When you have the opportunity to work with the smartest people around, you take it. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with The Combine to provide digital marketing and design services to them and their ecosystem of companies. The Combine, headquartered in Atlanta, partners with enterprise organizations and technical founders to convert their promising…

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