What To Prepare

Brand / Company Positioning

  • What is your why?
  • Brand ethos/manifesto
  • Your target market/audience demographics
  • Your ‘elevator pitch’ / value proposition

Digital Metrics

  • Last 6 months of website visitor analytics, preferably the ‘Audience Overview’ from Google Analytics. (How to Export)
  • Last 6 months of email open and click through rates
  • List of most popular content on your website (found in Behavior > Site Content > All Pages in Google Analytics).
  • Summary of your email and social outreach strategy (if any)

Business Metrics

  • Trailing 6 months revenue and your revenue goals for 2016
  • Average revenue per customer
  • Average customer lifespan
  • Customer acquisition cost (Cost of Sales)
  • Current conversion rate
  • Available inventory (number of hours per month available to sell)
  • Current pricing strategy
  • Summary of your sales and fulfillment process:
    • how do you capture leads?
    • how do you follow up?
    • how do you nurture?
    • how do you close?
    • how do you onboard?
    • how do you deliver?