Level 2 Marketing Kickstart : Connections


What We'll Do

With our Connections Marketing Kickstarter, we will complete a digital footprint audit, where we’ll analyze your digital presence - including a technical and visual site design review, social and content audit, and on-site review. This will give you a holistic understanding of the strengths, weakness, and opportunities of your site and online presence.

Additionally, we’ll interview stakeholders and customers, and conduct industry research to build a strong understanding of your current and ideal client base. Using this information, we’ll develop user personas to set the course for our decision making.

We will use our research, analysis and personas to develop a marketing strategy for your business, and present it to you during our final meeting.


What You'll Get

  • Kickoff Workshop
    • 90-minute consultation to understand your business and objectives
  • Stakeholder Interviews
    • One-on-one interviews with key stakeholders in your business to understand their individual perspectives, drivers and challenges
  • Customer Interviews
    • One-on-one interviews with 5 of your current customers to understand their experience with your product/service, perceived value they receive, and any obstacles they face with your business
  • Digital Footprint Audit
    • Analytics Audit
      • Google Analytics review to understand site trends, visitor demographics, behaviors, and challenges
    • Technical Site Audit
      • Review of site set-up to identify current components and inefficiencies impacting search enginge rankings and traffic generation
    • Social Audit
      • Analysis of social platform utilization and in-platform trends
      • Recommendations and best practices for platform usage
    • Keyword Analysis
      • Keyword ranking optimization review
      • Keyword targeting recommendations
  • Market Research
    • Investigation of current marketplace and audience to understand trends, opportunities and intent in marketplace as a whole, along with subsequent impact on your business
  • Persona Development
    • Using results from interviews, site usage data and market research, we'll develop core audience personas to use in developing the marketing strategy
  • Marketing Plan 
    • With the insights derived from the above exercises, we'll create a digital marketing plan specific to your business challenges and goals
  • Strategy Presentation
    • Following completion of our research, audits, and plan creation, we'll present all findings and insights in a final strategy meeting, along with recommended next steps


When we’re done, you’ll have a full understanding of the health of your digital presence, audience, and marketplace insights, and a recommended strategy with next steps, which you'll be able to execute with our team or your own.


Total Cost: $9,600 ($3000 due upon sign up, balance due upon delivery)
Total Time to Complete: About 3 - 4 weeks
Time Needed From You: About 4 hours

Have Questions? Check the FAQ.

Let's Do This

  • Price: $3,000.00
  • American Express

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What factors impact the timeline? The single greatest factor impacting our timeline is how quickly we can get your stakeholder and customer interviews scheduled and completed, as the takeaways from the research drive much of the additional work we do leading up to the final strategy recommendations. The sooner we can complete interviews, the faster we can get through the rest of the process.
  2. We already have market & industry research, can you use that? Absolutely! We will take advantage of any existing research or knowledge your team already has to inform our decisions and strategy. That said, we will still want to conduct some of our own research to be sure we have a holistic understanding of your business and have accounted for all perspectives.
  3. How many Stakeholders will you interview? Ideally, we'd like to speak with 3 internal decision makers, up to 5, if possible and relevant.
  4. What happens after the final presentation? That's entirely up to you. After we complete the presentation of our findings and recommendations, we'll give that material and strategy to you. You'll have the option to execute internally, or we can create a proposal for our team to complete the work.
  5. What do you need from me? We’ll need you and the other decision makers from your team to participate in the Stakeholder Interviews and the final presentation. Each is about 90 minutes. Additionally, we'll need your help in connecting with the customers we interview. We may also occasionally need clarification on aspects of your business. Otherwise, we've got it covered!


Ready? Let’s do this!