Consumer Insights

We won't say it is rocket science, but we will say businesses with customers are more successful than those without. The tough part is getting (and keeping) those customers -- which is where we come in. Customer insights will uncover what makes your target market tick, identify your ideal customers, and define the value your company brings them. All that’s left is to execute and reel the customers in! You’ll have them hook, line and sinker.

Customer Discovery

Customers respond to products and services that understand who they are. To market successfully, you need to understand your customer’s needs, jobs, tasks, pain points, fears, goals, and dreams.

Persona Development

Great actors start their performances by getting into character, and customer-focused businesses start their decisions by doing the same. Personas are the distinct user types who will interact with your brand.

Value Proposition Design

You might be surprised how differently each member of your team describes how your company helps its customers. Something that seems so simple -- the value you provide your customers -- can often be hard to define, especially when you operate with an insider’s perspective.

Product/Market Fit

Bullseye, sweet-spot, nirvana, utopia -- whatever you want to call it, we want to get you to that place where your product offerings overlap the market's needs. Finding that intersection lets you spend less time worrying about who will buy your product and more time scaling your business.