From fresh idea to finished product.

Helping innovators understand their market, craft compelling brand strategies, and design beautiful applications for over 20 years.

Innovation Consulting

You're moving fast and breaking things. We get it, we've been there. Nine Labs is fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit and thrives on helping good ideas become great ones, then making them a reality.

Whether your idea is on the back of a napkin or you need to revolutionize an established product, our collaborative processes and exercises will deliver the results you need.

Experience Design

Emotion is key when it comes to creating memorable customer experiences. Every brand represents a unique story that, when told honestly, engages and intrigues the consumer. Function and emotion are directly linked when it comes to customer satisfaction. When the right balance is struck, the result is a happy customer and an unforgettable brand.

Our crew of designers will work with your team to create solutions and experiences that delight your customers.

Interface Design

As far as customers are concerned, the interface is the product. The "look and feel" of your app or website says more about your business than any marketing campaign ever could. Ask yourself:

  1. Is it useful? Does it help people accomplish their goals?
  2. Is it usable? Is the process is easily navigated?
  3. Is it desireable? Do people want to use it more than the competitor?

Great design helps you say “yes” to all of these questions.

Application Prototyping

Too many great ideas are never brought to life because they get stuck. Prototyping is an iterative process that helps keep projects moving. By building a basic version of the app, we capture the essence of what it needs to do so people can test and provide feedback.

Then we take that feedback and improve the prototype. Before you know it, your product is live and already has users!


Branding & Identity

Your brand is more than a name and a logo. Your brand is the combination of what you do and how people feel about it.

A powerful brand name and identity is critical in the hyper-competitive and ever-evolving marketplace. But more than that, how you communicate your brand and your values is part of everything you do. It's the cornerstone of your business strategy.

Ideas are easy. Execution is hard. We make it easier.

Get the help your company needs.