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We can help with: Innovation and Ideation, User Experience Design, Product/Market Fit, Value Proposition Design, User Interface Design, and Application Prototyping.

Our experts can help...

  • Craft your brand message
  • Define your target market
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Cut your operating costs
  • Decrease support requests
  • Improve your app or website usability
  • Increase user satisfaction

Why hire an outside professional?

  • Get C-level Expertise, fast
  • Fresh perspectives on your challenges
  • No headhunting or hiring headaches
  • No corporate politics
  • No disruption to your org chart
  • More cost-effective than full-time staff
  • Hourly or daily engagements
  • No long-term commitments

Advice you can trust.

Our highly skilled user experience, design, and development professionals have helped hundreds of companies of all sizes improve their products and grow their businesses.

Companies like IHG, UPS, Pirelli, Delta, Coca-Cola, and countless startups trust us for sage advice and help with critical projects. We can help your company, too.

All of the value of a full-time hire at a fraction of the cost and none of the commitment.

nick-finck They have a great eye for the small details but never forget the high-level strategy and vision. This shines through in every project they’ve overseen or produced.

Nick Finck – Facebook

john-aganThis team is very well rounded in technology, development, design and general business practice. They have the rare ability to communicate knowledge while keeping the audience engaged. They’re the right people to solve your problem or brainstorm new ideas.

John Agan – Slack

tricia-whitlockWorking with Nine Labs was wonderful. I was able to bring a jumble of ideas and content to the table and they were able to organize and craft it into exactly what I needed. The team is not only talented, but also extremely communicative and responsive.

Tricia Whitlock – Hypepotamus

everett-steeleWe brought on the Nine Labs team for a project that was small in scope but had a big impact on our company. It took our branding to the next level and really highlighted the feel of our company. The team was great to work with--efficient, communicative, and invested in our success.

Everett Steele – Kanga

matt-brash-coffeeThe project was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Nine Labs. The whole project was streamlined, efficient, timely and structured - and it was delivered on our timeline. The final product really reflects the personality of our brand; simple, inviting, and easy-to-use.

Chris Mcleod – BRASH Coffee

amy-hooverThey took the time to ask questions and really understand our brand and its goals. We were able to work with them to get a finished product quickly and efficiently. I loved working with the whole team. They’re fun and listened to what I needed. Top notch firm.

Amy Hoover – Strongbox West

keith-robinsonExtremely easy to work with; being both very organized and professional, as well as personable and fun. This is one group of passionate experts who really knows their stuff!

D. Keith Robinson – Atlassian

matt-malamentThe value they bring to a project is immeasurable. A very professional group, that is always focused on asking the right question, digging into the core of the problem, and coming up with excellent strategic solutions.

Matt Malament – City of Atlanta Mayor's Office

barbara-cronicThey have a wonderful talent for really hearing what's being asked, and an extraordinary ability to pull it all together, sort out the chaos, and fill in the details. Results are always top quality. I very highly recommend this talented team.

Barbara Chronic – Georgia Power

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