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Our Principles:

Coffee. Design. Tacos. Repeat.

Nine Labs Agency Culture and Values: We hustle hard

We hustle

First thing’s first, we’re a hard workin’ bunch. Our team is a lean, mean, efficient machine. We have a lot to get done and we hustle to make it happen for our clients and ourselves. We’re proactive, inventive, and we ask for forgiveness, not for permission.

We are curious, like peering through binoculars

We are curious

We are avid learners who love to research, read, experiment, and test our hypotheses. We believe in the power of informed, research-driven decision making and are constantly asking ourselves how we can take our work, and ourselves, one step further.

We are artists, and we have the beret to prove it

We are artists

Yes, we have talented designers on our team, but our artistry isn’t confined to graphic design, and it moves through everything we do. Whether we’re designing logos, affinity mapping or interviewing stakeholders, the creative vibes are palpable.

We are focused, always honing in on the target

We are focused

You won’t find any generalists here. We’re a team of specialists with core competencies who believe in what we do and stick to it.

We’ll never go after the fast cash and won’t take on projects that aren’t in our wheelhouse simply because the money is there. We only commit to work we know we can deliver on, and we’re not afraid to say no.

We have high standards, only producing blue ribbon work.

We have high standards

For ourselves, our work, and each other. We’re professionals who take our commitments seriously and put all of ourselves into the work we do. We won’t ship work we’re not proud of and believe that a job worth doing is worth doing hella well.

Agency Culture and Values: Confident Like Wonder Woman

We are confident, but not arrogant

We’ve worked in digital for a long time and have a track record of solid results for our clients, but we’re humble to the fact that we always have more to learn. We’ll never “arrive” and are always open to differing perspectives, ideas, and challenges.

We are honest, and the things we report are fact checked

We are honest

Leave your B.S. and politics at the door, sirs and madames! We believe in telling the truth and respecting each other. We share constructive feedback and operate by the adage that honesty is the only policy. If you’re prone to water-cooler chatter or struggle with healthy conflict, we’re not the place for you.

That said, honesty shouldn’t be confined to disagreement. We believe it’s critical to applaud one another, and applaud those who applaud others (it’s all very meta). By having people lift each other up, and rewarding those who do so, we create a culture of encouragement instead of disparagement.

We trust each other, and tht spirit radiates between teammates

We trust each other

We each bring unique strengths and skills to the table, and we trust each other to do the job we are here to do. If a teammate commits to something, we know they’ll handle it, and we trust each other’s decisions. It’s not that we won’t question ideas from time-to-time, but we pick our battles and stay in our swim lanes.

Our Agency Culture and Values: Nine Labs shenanigans are out of this world funny

We love shenanigans

We’re playful, quirky, awkward, and fueled by vats of coffee. Yes, vats. Some of us talk about tacos an unreasonable amount (ehem, J), and some of us may or may not spontaneously break into show tunes (cough, JFix), while others can be found daydreaming about Miyazaki films (classic Charline). You either love us, or you don’t. We do either way.

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