Building a Human-Centered Business.

Understanding what people want and designing things that satisfy them is the most powerful way to achieve business goals.

What exactly is a “human-centered” business, and why should you care?

It’s simple. Now, more than ever, customers have unprecedented access to each other. Social Networks and the speed of communication has enabled conversations across geographic, cultural, and socio-economic boundaries. This means customers can talk freely amongst themselves about your company, your competitors, and every option available to them. They are no longer reliant on commercials and other company-driven messages about what they should buy and why.


The Age of the Customer

While advertising is still an essential part of the marketing mix, it’s lost the power it had in the Mad Men era. Customers turn to each other for opinions and advice instead. This means they’re forming opinions about what they need long before they seek your product. Most industries have shifted from a Product-centric market to a Customer-centric one. This is a major shift in how customers think about the companies they do business with.

It’s time companies shifted the way they think about customers.

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The 5 Phases to Building a Human-Centered Business


This talk will discuss the 5 phases a company must go through to understand their customers and how to provide products and services that satisfy them.

  1. Problem Validation: You might think you’ve identified a problem or need in the market, but that’s not enough. You need to make sure other people have the same problem and are willing to pay for a solution before you spend too much time and money.
  2. Solution Prototyping: Now that you know other people have this problem and you know who they are, it's time to figure out how to solve it. Part of this phase is understanding how to provide value to your customers using the Value Proposition Canvas.
  3. Solution Validation: Once you have ideas for how to solve this problem and you know who you're solving it for, it's time to create things and see how they work. We’ll use the Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas to validate the company is aligned with customer goals and can produce the product at a profit.
  4. Branding Strategy: A brand is a combination of what you do and how people feel about. Now that you know what you're going to do and who you're doing for you can create a brand identity that resonates with your target market.
  5. Product Design and Development: It's time to take everything we’ve learned in the previous phases and start making something awesome. From User Interface Design to go-to-market strategy, our team can guide you through the process to avoid common pitfalls and laugh a product your team will be proud of.

This is a 45 minute presentation for audiences of 10 people or more.

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J Cornelius is the founder and president of the Nine Labs Team of Digital Strategy Experts

J Cornelius is the Founder and President of Nine Labs. He has been making websites and software since 1996. He leads our team of strategy, design, and technology professionals and has built a reputation for quickly understanding complex problems and leading teams to a creative solution.

He’s been a private consultant to numerous other enterprises and organizations and has spoken at events across the country on topics from software development methodologies to the psychology of customer experience.

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