Strategic Planning

Stakeholder Interviews

We will talk to a sample of your desired constituents to understand how they perceive your mission, and what types of concepts, imagery, and messaging evokes emotions and thoughts which align with your goals.

Finding the North Star

We meet with your team to discuss your goals and ambitions, and how we should best communicate your message to the public. We'll build a solid picture of who your target market is and your aspirations for connecting with them.

The next step is deciding what you want your new name to do for your marketing, branding and advertising efforts. Making this decision allows you to narrow your name search to one of the four major categories of names.


Names that are simply descriptive of what a company or product does or are directly taken from the names of the company's founders.


Names that offer a direct connection to something real, to a part or feeling of the human experience.


Names designed to evoke the positioning of a company or product rather than describing the experience of using its goods and services.


There are two types of invented, or made-up, names. Those built upon linguistic roots of Greek or Latin, and those based on the rhythm and the feel of saying them.