These two sessions, typically 4 to 6 hours each, designed to generate name ideas and synthesize them into a handful of viable candidates.

Session One: Divergent Thinking

The goal of the first session is to generate as many words, concepts, and phrases as possible which are related to the core brand promise. We write down everything that comes to mind, then analyze all the ideas using multiple methodologies to identify patterns, similarities, and differences.

The Soak

After an intense session of NameStorming the brain needs time to process things and make connections. We advise a period of at least 4 business days between sessions to let all the concepts “soak in”. This allows us to really absorb the concepts and prepares us for the next NameStorm session.

Session Two: Convergent Thinking

The second session is focused on narrowing down options and creating strong candidates for consideration. We explore word variants, creative combinations and amalgamations, and begin eliminating concepts that don't resonate with the North Star.