Logo Ideation

A well conceived logo will communicate your brand in a way words are unable to (a picture is worth a thousand words). The logo will serve as the mental bookmark for your organization and its activities in the minds of the public, and as a cornerstone for future branding and marketing efforts.


We begin with a 2-3 hour interactive session where we show you various concepts and discuss the merits of each. From this process a theme will develop. Then we work through how the theme should be developed into a logo idea, then work with you to decide which ideas will proceed to the next step.


We will develop the top three logo ideas into more mature – but not final – logos. We will present these ideas and work with you to discuss the merits of each and decide which one will become the final logo. At this phase we will also work with you to select a color palette and complimentary typefaces to be used alongside your brand. These colors and typefaces will be suitable for both digital and print applications.


We will create the final mark and work with you on subtle refinements to deliver a final logo, color palette, and typeface selection which suits your brand goals.