A brand exists at the intersection of what you do and how people
 feel about it.

— J Cornelius, our Founder & President

Brand Naming & Identity Design

We aim to understand how your organization and its products and services should be perceived, and create a brand that aligns with your goals and sets the proper tone and expectations in the marketplace.

Every naming project is unique and our process is adaptable for the needs of each client. Our process is designed to be clear, insightful, logical and focused on leading to a brand that serves as a strong foundation for your strategy. We adapt the activities of our process to your corporate culture, approval process and timeframe. Consequently, our process is flexible enough to be tailored to the specific needs of your company.

We will create, establish, and document standards for your brand so that it’s consistent no matter where it’s displayed, or whom you hire to create your online and offline marketing and sales communications.

Our brand specialists will work with you to understand and codify the precise message you wish to communicate through your brand identity. Our work will serve as a reference point and cornerstone for future branding, messaging, marketing, and design efforts.