A Word From Our Newbs: The Devin Lee Edition

A nine labs taco truck inspired by the film chef

“J and I have always said that we have the right people. We’re problem solvers. If we decided tomorrow to turn Nine Labs into a traveling taco truck, we have the people who can figure out how to make that happen.

Brad nonchalantly dropped that little earworm as I closed out my second day at Nine Labs. He wasn’t just talking a big game (or seriously considering a Chef-inspired pivot).

It was the first of many subtle lessons about the culture at Nine Labs. I’m not sure he meant to, but he perfectly encapsulated the team’s values as he strolled out the front door. They’re not afraid to bring their zesty personalities into work, and the work they do is better for it.

After an impromptu lunchtime roundtable on my first day, I can be certain that everyone here appreciates the production design in The Grand Budapest Hotel just as much as the Academy. How’s that for a culture perk?

Enthusiastic, wide-eyed immersion is necessary to do good work. I’ve found that’s even more true when your colleagues are the ones gleefully egging you on. Annabel and I had a whirlwind discussion one morning that touched on childhood, aesthetic sensibility and DIY zines before circling back to address how it impacts our creative approach.

Conversations like those lead you unexpected places, and occasionally result in stumbling upon an office mantra. I had never noticed the subtle distinction between the skinny Thai Buddha and the fat ‘n happy Chinese Buddha of yore. It turns out we identify more with Thai Buddha: lean, nimble and able to DJ.
DJ Thai Buddha showcases culture at Nine Labs

We’re building the team you’re going to want in your corner, and making good on our promise to create a great place for smart people to do their best work.  

I’ll make it a habit to post periodic updates from Nine Labs HQ. Until then, give me a holler @devinpatricklee or devin@ninelabs.com.